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Ivan Alekseevich SKRYGAN

Belarusian writer and literature critic

Ivan SKRYGAN, Belarusian writer and literature critic. Member, Auditing Commission, Belarusian Union of Writers; Fiction Editor, Belarusian State Publ. House.


SKRYGAN, Ivan was born in 1905 in village Trukhanovichy, now Minsk Oblast.


1932 graduated Literature and Linguistic Department, Pedagogical Faculty, Belarusian University, Minsk.


1924-1928 on edition staff, Slutsk newspaper “Vyaskovy budaunik” (Rural Constructor), then ‘‘Chyrvonaya Polachchyna” (Red Polotchina) and “Literatura i mastatstva” (Literature and Art). 1939 arrested and deported as an “enemy of the people”. 1956 rehabilitated; during deportation worked for industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan and Siberia, then in Estonia.