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Writer ( art: literature)writer

Ivy Gordon Edmonds, American Writer ( art: literature)writer. Decorated Distinguished Flying Cross, Air medals, Bronze Star. Served with United States Army Air Force,1940-1945, United States Air Force, 1946-1963.


Edmonds, Ivy Gordon was born on February 15, 1917 in Frost, Texas, United States. Son of Ivy Gordon and Delia Louella (Shumate) Edmonds.


Student in public schools.


1dau., Annette. Freelance writer. Author books including: Solomon In Kimono, 1957. Ooka the Wise, 1961; The Bounty's Boy, 1963.

Hollywood RIP, 1963; Joel of the Hanging Gardens, 1966. Trickster Tales, 1966. Taiwan— the Other China, 1971.

The Possible Impossibles of Ikkyo The Wise, 1971. The Magic Man, 1972; Mao's Long March, 1973. Motorcycling for Beginners, 1973.

Micronesia, 1974; Pakistan, Land of Mystery, Tragedy and Courage, 1974. Automotive Tuneups for Beginners, 1974. Ethiopia, 1975; The Magic Makers, 1976.

The Shah of Iran, 1976. Allah'sOil: Mid-East Petroleum, 1976. Second Sight, 1977; Motorcycle Racingfor Beginners, 1977.

Islam, 1977; Buddhism, 1978. The Mysteries of Troy, 1977. Big U Universal in the Silent Days, 1977.

Doctor of Divinity Home, 1978;Bicycle Motocross, 1979. Hinduism, 1979; Girls Who Talked to Ghosts,1979. The Magic Brothers, 1979.

(with William H. Gebhardt) Broadcasting for Beginners, 1980. (with Reiko Mimura) The Oscar Directors, 1980. The Mysteries of Homer's Greeks, 1981.

The Kings of Black Magic, 1981. Funny Car Racing for Beginners, 1982. The Magic Dog, 1982; author textbooks: (with Ronald Gonzales) Understanding Your Car, 1975, Introduction to Welding, 1975.

Also author pulp and soft cover fiction and nonfiction under names of Gene Cross and Gary Gordon and publishers house names. Public relations manager Northrop Corporation, Anaheim, California, 1968-1979, industrial editor, Hawthorne, California, 1979-1986.



Served with United States Army Air Force,1940-1945, United States Air Force, 1946-1963.


Married Reiko Mimura, July 12, 1956. 1 daughter, Annette.

Ivy Gordon Edmonds

Delia Louella (Shumate) Edmonds

Reiko Mimura