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J. L. Chang Edit Profile

also known as Chang Hung-lieh

university president

Chang J. L. participated in 1911 Revolution and later was known as a professor of a number of universities.


Mr. Chang was born at Ku-ehih, Honan, China in 1887.


Chang J. L. graduated from the Honan Provincial College. He went to America to study in 1918, where he attended Baldwin-Wallace College, Ohio, graduating with Bachelor of Science degree and the University of Illinois, receiving his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in 1917 and 1918 respectively.


Mr. Chang J. L. joined the Revolutionary Army in 1911. He was elected member of the Honan Provincial Assembly in 1912. Mr. Chang returned to China in 1919 and was appointed president of the Government preparatory school at Kaifeng. When the school was reorganised into the Chung Chow University in 1929, he was appointed its president, this position he held for many years.