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Jack W. Daly Edit Profile

Legislative staff member

Jack W. Daly, legislative staff member. Madison fellow, Heritage Foundation, Federalist Society & Hillsdale College, since 2008.


Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Communications, Appalachian State University, 1993. Juris Doctor, University North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1998.


Self-employed government relations, political and media consultant, 1992—2009. Mecklenburg county chairman United States Republican Sue Myrick Senatorial Campaign, 1992. Campaign director United States Republican Alex McMillan Congressional Campaign, 1992.

Advance coordinator Office of Senator Fred Thompson, 1994. Board chairman, president North Carolina Foundation Individual Rights, Inc., 1995—1999. Private practice attorney Law Offices of Jack W. Daly, 1999—2009.

Senior policy analyst Republican National Committee, 1999. Development associate Media Research Center, 2000—2001. Policy and law advisor United States Department Labor, 2001—2005.

Attorney, observer Bob McDonnell Campaign Recount Team, 2005. Special assistant United States Commission on Civil Rights, 2005—2006. Counsel to the judiciary committee United States Senate, Washington, 2006—2009.

Communications director to Republican policy committee United States House of Representatives, 2010, communications director to Republican Thaddeus McCotter, since 2010. Flight officer, administrative, personnel officer United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, 1986-1990, served with United States Army, 1990-1992.


Married Kay Daly.

Kay Daly.