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Jacques LEROY


Jacques LEROY, Belgian Senator.


LEROY, Jacques was born on October 12, 1937 in Flobecq Belgium.


Teacher Training College, Charles Buis, qualified Secondary School Teacher, 1958. Evening Classes Strainchamps, Physiotherapy, 1961-1962.


Local Vice-President Treasurer, Centrale générale des Services publics (General Public Services Group), 1960-1988. Member of Centrale générale des Services publics (General Public Services Group) Regional Committee. Organizer. Local and Regional Committees for young Socialists and anti-nuclear marches, 196070.

Federal Secretary, PS, East Hainaut, 1972. Political Secretary and President, local section PS, 1973-1988. Deputy Mayor, Flobecq, 1976-1982.

Member of Cabinets of Deputy Prime Minister and National Education, 1977-1981. Local Councillor, Flobecq, since 1982. Deputy, Tournai-Ath-Mouscron, since 1988.

Executive member of Federal Committee, East Hainaut. Teacher of PE, Brussels and Saint-Gilles, 1958-1961, Middle School, Flobecq, 1961-1977, and ITE, Ath, 1963-1977 and 1983-1987. Headmaster.