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Jacques De Menasce Edit Profile

composer , concert pianist

Jacques De Menasce, Austrian composer, concert pianist. Decorated Legion of Honor (France). Member American Society of French Legion of Honor.


Menasce, Jacques De was born on August 19, 1905 in Bad Ischl, Austria. Son of Baron Henri and Charlotte (Gerson) de Menasce.


Diploma with honors Schotten Gymnasium and Music Academy, Vienna. Studied piano with Emil von Saner and Paul Weingarten, composition with Joseph Marx. Paul Pisk, Alban Berg.


Came to the United States, 1941, naturalized, 1947. Toured European cities, soloist European radio. With symphony orchestras of Vienna, Budapest, Rotterdam, Geneva, Zurich, Luxemburg, others.

Recitals, New York City, also Chicago. Representative on program Festival of International Society Contemporary Music, Berkeley, California, 1942. European concert tours, 1947-1949.

With American Music Festival, Columbia University, 1949, Societe des Concerts, Paris, 1949, and appearances throughout United States Compositions include: Piano Concerto Northern 2, 1939. Divertimento for Piano and Strings, 1940. Violin and Piano Sonata, 1940.

Sonatina Northern 2 for Piano, 1942. Five Fingerprints (piano), 1943. Perpetuum Mobile (piano), 1944.

Hebrew Melodies, 1945. Sonatina Northern 3 for Piano. 1946; Status Quo (ballet), 1947.

Lecho Dodi (choral), 1947. Little Suite for Piano, 1950. Outre Nuit, 1952; Two Letters from Children, 1953.

Sonata for Viola and Piano, 1955. Concerto for Violin and Viola, 1959.


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    • Contributor professional publications.


Member American Society of French Legion of Honor. Clubs: Lotos, Bohemians (New York City).


Married Georgette Frank.

Baron Henri Menasce

Charlotte (Gerson) Menasce

Georgette Frank.