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James Aldridge Edit Profile

also known as Harold Edward James Aldridge

journalist , writer

Worked briefly on the staffs of the Melbourne Herald and Sun (1937-38) before pursuing a successful journalistic career in England, where he has remained apart from occasional visits to Australia. A war correspondent in the Second World War, Aldridge is a leading fiction-writer. His first three novels, Signed with Their Honour (1942), The Sea Eagle (1944) and Of Many Men (1946).


  • Children's literarure

    • The Flying 19

    • The Marvelous Mongolian

    • The True Story of Lilli Stubek

    • The True Story of Spit MacPhee

  • Children's literature

    • The Broken Saddle

  • non-fiction

    • Living Egypt

    • Cairo: Biography of a City

    • Undersea Hunting for Inexperienced Englishmen

  • novel

    • Signed with Their Honour

    • The Sea Eagle

    • Of Many Men

    • The Diplomat

    • The Hunter

    • Heroes of the Empty View

    • I Wish He Would Not Die

    • The Last Exile. London

    • A Captive in the Land

    • The Statesman's Game

    • My Brother Tom

    • A Sporting Proposition

    • Mockery in Arms

    • The Untouchable Juli

    • One Last Glimpse

    • The True Story of Lola MacKellar

  • play

    • The 49th State

    • One Last Glimpse

  • short story

    • Gold and Sand

  • television script

    • for Robin Hood series