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James Jefferson Britt

Bureau of Prohibition , Chief Counsel

James J. Britt, American congressman. member North Carolina Senate, 1909 (minority leader); member 64th and 65th Congresses (1915-1919), 10th North Carolina Dist.


BRITT, James Jefferson was born on March 4, 1861 in Johnson City, Tennessee, United States. Son of James J. and Nancy (Underwood) Britt.


Studied law in office, and University of North Carolina.


University of N. Carolina Law School. ServeTl, State Senator, North Carolina, Counsel to Post Office Department, Assistant Postmaster General, member, House of Representative, 64, 65 Congresses. Candidate for Chief Justice, Supreme Court, North Carolina, 1926.

Chief Counsel, United States Bureau of Prohibition.


Since a human being is the central factor in the plan of salvation, the Gospel must be taught, understood and accepted by him.


Every Christians should study the Bible that contains a variety of inspirational and thoughtful ideas in the field of history, law, and poetry.


Member North Carolina Senate, 1909 (minority leader). Member 64th and 65th Congresses (1915-1919), 10th North Carolina Dist.

  • Member of American Bar Association. Academy, of Political Science. National. Economic League.


Every Christian should seek to bring industry, government, and society as a whole under the sway of the principles of righteousness, truth, and brotherly love.