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James McGranahan Edit Profile

composer , conductor , Hymn Writer , gospel singer

James McGranahan was a nineteenth-century American musician and composer, most known for his various hymns.


Mcgranahan, James was born on July 4, 1840 in Adamsville, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of George and Jane (Blair) M.


Educated schools and academics, Adamsville, Pennsylvania. Studied music under Carlo Bassini, New York, Doctor George F. Root, Chicago, Carl Zerrahn, Boston, Doctor William Mason, New York, and others.


He composed over 25 hymns. For example, in one work he is listed as the composer of three notable songs: "He Will Hide Me" by Mary Elizabeth Servoss, "Revive Thy Work, O Lord" by Albert Midlane, and "Come" by a "Mrs. James Gibson Johnson".

And he composed the music for at least 39 of the 79 hymns in a work co-authored with Ira D. Sankey. McGranahan composed most of the tunes for the lyrics of Major Daniel Webster Whittle, including EL NATHAN, the tune associated with Whittle's "I Know Whom I Have Believèd" (written 1883). The music of his hymn "My Redeemer," written for lyrics by P. P. Bliss, is used as the accompaniment for the Latter-day Saints hymn "O My Father."\r\n In Hawaii, McGranahan is noted for writing the music to the hymn "I Left It All With Jesus," which, when joined to the words "Hawaii Aloha" by the Rev.

Lorenzo Lyons (an early missionary to Hawaii) became one of Hawaii's best known and best loved songs. In Hawaii the tune is called Hawaii Aloha and the words were penned by Lorenzo Lyons, a minister. Lyons was known as "Makua Laiana" or simply "Laiana." The song is often sung at the close of public political, spiritual, educational and sporting events.


  • Other Work

    • Composer of many Gospel songs. Joint editor: The Choice, 1875. The Harvest of Song, 1878 (both singing school books).

      The Gospel Male Choir, Northern 1, 1878, Northern 2, 1883, Gospel Hymns, Northern 3, 1878, Northern 4, 1881, Northern 5, 1887, Northern 6, 1891. Songs of the Gospel, 1881. Gospel Male Chorus Book, 1883.

      Christian Choir

    • Gospel Choir Northern 1, 1885, Northern 2, 1895. Sacred Songs Northern 1, 1896, Northern 2, 1899. Church Hymns and Gospel Songs, 1898.

      Hymns, Psalms and Gospel Songs, 1904.


Married Addie Vickery, 1863.

George M.

Jane (Blair) M.

Addie Vickery