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Materials scientist

James Ovenstone, British materials scientist. Member of Materials Research Society, Institute of Materials, Royal Society of Chemistry.


Ovenstone, James was born on December 31, 1973 in Bangour, West Lothian, Scotland. Son of Colin Randall and Irene Ovenstone.


Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with honours, Briston University, England, 1994. Doctor of Philosophy in Metallurgy and Materials Science, Birmingham University, England, 1997. Doctor in Business, University Greenwich, 2001.


Postdoctoral research fellow Kochi (Japan) University, 1997—1999, lecturer and researcher, 1999—1999. Associate University of Greenwich, London, 2000—2001. Manager technical support AXT, Fremont, California, 2001—2002.

Research and Development scientist Foseco Steel, Bonnybridge, England, 2002. Applied scientist De La Rue, Overton, England, since 2002. Referee Journal of Materials Science, Chemistry of Materials.


  • Achievements include development of a novel ultra high activity titania photocatalysts for waste destruction. Development of a novel covert security tagging system. Discovery of the first amorphous powder inorganic phosphors, which exhibited no activator concentration quenching effects.

    Development of a novel etching systems to transform gallium arsenide wafer surfaces, allowing the use of ultra-thin wafers in chip manufacture. Development of a novel high temperature glazes for the protection of carbon bonded ceramic bodies. Development of a novel type of magnesia based carbon bonded ceramic for the steel industry with exceptional oxidation resistance.

    Development of a low temperature process for the extraction of titanium from black sands.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles to professional journals.


Member of Materials Research Society, Institute of Materials, Royal Society of Chemistry.


Married Annie Qian Wang, August 29, 1997. 1 child Jenny Wang.

Colin Randall

Irene Ovenstone

Annie Qian Wang

Jenny Wang Ovenstone