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Boston Univ, Harvard Law Sch, Bachelor of Arts & Master of Arts; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Doctor of Philosophy Pol Sci


Under-Secretary-General, Department for Special Pol Questions, Regional Coop, Decolonization and Trusteeship, United Nations since 1991. Assistant Secretary-General, Office(s) for Research and the Collection of Information, United Nations, New York, 1987-1990. Secretary-General, Second World Conference to Combat Racism & Racial Discrimination, Geneva, 1983.

Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations Office(s) of Field Operational & External Support Activities, 1982-1987. Assistant Secretary-General, Personnel Serv, United Nations, New York, 1979-1982. Director, Office(s) for Special Pol Affairs, United Nations.

Special Advisor to Representative of Secretary-General for Rhodesia. Policy Advisor to Special Representative of Secretary-General for Middle East. Department of Pol & Sec Council Affairs, United Nations, New York.