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James Rives CHILDS Edit Profile

Second Secretary of Legation and American Consul

James Rives CHILDS, Second Secretary of Legation and American Consul.


CHILDS, James Rives was born on February 6, 1893 in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States.


Randolph-Macon College, Bachelor of Arts, 1912. Harvard University, M√ľnste.A., 1915.


Member, American Commission to Negotiate Peace in Paris. Detailed to American Relief Administration, Serbia, 1919. Appointed after examination American Consul, Jerusalem, Palestine, 1923.

Detailed to Bucharest, Roumania, 1925. Appointed Secretary, in diplomatic service, 1930. Assigned as Second Secy, and American Consul to Cairo, Egypt, 1930.

Author: Reliques of the Rives, 1929. Member of Virginia History Society. Military Intelligence Division, United States Officers Reserve Corps (Captain).


Spouse Georgina de Brylkine, August 13, 1922, Leningrad, Russia.