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James Walker Fannin Edit Profile

army officer

James Walker Fannin, army officer.


Fannin, James Walker was born on January 1, 1804 in circa. Son of Doctor Isham Fannin.


Adopted by his maternal grandfather, Johann Wolfgang Walker. Attended United States Military Academy (under name James F. Walker), 1819-1821.


Raised on plantation near Marion, Georgia. Moved to Texas, 1834. Active in organizing revolutionary coms. for revolt against Mexico, 1835-1836.

Participated in 1st skirmish of Texas War for Independence, October 2, 1835. Proposed seizure of Mexican port of Matamoras, against wishes of Sam Houston. Appointed to organize and lead expedition to Mexico, 1836.

Established control (with force of 420 volunteers) of Goliad on south bank San Antonio River, February 1836. Forced to retreat, March 19, 1836, overtaken by Orrea’s advance, forced to surrender, March 20.


Married Minerva Fort, 2 daus.

Doctor Isham Fannin. Fannin

Minerva Fort