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Jan Ammann Edit Profile

actor , singer , songwriter

Jan Ammann is a popular German musical theatre actor, best known for his roles in “Jekyll & Hyde”, “Rebecca” and “Dance of the Vampires”.

Nowadays Jan Ammann is also a known singer and songwriter.


Music has always been very important for Ammann and since childhood he plays piano and guitar.

Ammann speaks several languages. Besides his native German he knows English, Italian and Russian.


Ammann received education in Germany and in the USA, including a year spent at Rice-University where Jan Ammann studied with a baritone Douglas Yates. .


Already during his studies in Munich he was offered the main part in the musical “Ludwig II – Longing for Paradise”. After he returned to Germany from the USA in 2005 he played Ludwig in the world premiere of the musical “Ludwig2”. Since then he played a number of the leading parts in the finest world and German musicals.

In 2010 his first album “Musical” was released. Together with the musical stars Christian Alexander Müller, Mark Seibert and Patrick Stanke Ammann took part in a series of concerts “Musical Tenors”. In 2011 he was performing in Germany with his solo programme “&enfieber” (“Stage Fear”).


  • Sport & Clubs

    football, karate


Noah Henry Ammann - German