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Jan Pieter Pronk

also known as Johannes Pieter Pronk

Government official , minister

Jan Pronk, diplomat, former Dutch government official. Member various committees Labour Party of Netherlands, since 1965, World Council Churches, 1968-1989.


PRONK, Jan Pieter was born on March 16, 1940 in The Hague, Netherlands. Parents: Jan Pronk and Elisabeth Hendrika Van Geel.


Gymnasium B, The Hague, 1951-1957. Erasmus University, Rotterdam, economics, 1957-1964. Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French, German.


Member of the Second Chamber. 1971-1973, 1978-1980, since 1989. Minister for International Development Cooperation, 1973-1977.

Member of the European Parliament, 1973. Chairman, Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia, 1973-1977, 1989-1992. Chairman, Committee on the Whole, 7th Special Session, General Assembly of the United Nations, New York, 1975.

Member, UNESCO Commission on International Communication Problems, (McBride Commission), 1977-1979. Deputy Secretary General, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, 1980-1985. Deputy Secretary General, United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries.

Paris, 1981; member Socialist International Committee on Economic Policy, since 1984. Assistant Secretary General, United Nations, Geneva, 1985-1986. Chairman, Parly Committee on Economic Affairs, 1987-1989.

Deputy Chairman, Labour Party, 1987-1989. Minister for Development Co-operation, November since 1989. Lecturer, Erasmus University, Rotterdam and Research Fellow, Netherlands Economic Institute, Rotterdam, 1965-1971.

Member Inter-Univ. Working Group Evaluation Development Aid, 1966-1969. Lecturer. United Nations Asian Institute of Economic Planning, Bangkok, Thailand. 1968; member Editorial Board, Wending, 1969-1973.

Member Council Faculty of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, 197071. Member Editorial Board, International Spectator, (Development Series), 1970-1973. Member Missionary Council, Netherlands Reformed Church, 1970-1973.

Member World Council of Churches Commission on the Churches Participation on Development, Geneva, 1970-1984. Alternate Governor, World Bank, 1973-1977, since 1989. Member and treasurer.

Independent Commission on International Development Issues (Brandt Commission), 1977-1980. Professor Extraordinary, Theory and Practice of International Economic Policy, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 1978-1980. Chairman Advisory Group on Economic Matters, World Council of Churches, Geneva, 1978-1989.

Chairman, Editorial Board, UNCTAD Trade and Development Journal, 1980-1986. Member Board International School, Geneva, 1981-1986. Member Board, Radio Netherlands World Broadcasting, 1986-1989.

Member Editorial Board, Socialisme en Démocratie, 1986-1989. Professor Extraordinary, Theory and Practice of Democratic Socialism, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Political Sciences, since 1989.


  • Other Work

    • Contributor articles on development policies and international economic issues to various publications.


Christian (Netherlands Reformed Church).


Member various committees Labour Party of Netherlands, since 1965, World Council Churches, 1968-1989.


  • Other Interests

    Running, skiing.


Married Catharina Zuurmond, December 12, 1964. Children: Karin, Rochus.

Jan Pronk

Elisabeth Hendrika (van Geel) Pronk

Catharina Zuurmond

Karin Pronk

Rochus Pronk