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Janusz Marek Berdowski Edit Profile

educator , physicist , researcher

Janusz Marek Berdowski, Polish physicist, educator, researcher. Grantee Government of Poland, Warsaw, 1986, 1988, Polish Committee for Science Research, Warsaw, 1994, 97, 2003, 04.


Berdowski, Janusz Marek was born on August 3, 1945 in Czestochowa, Poland. Son of Ferdynand and Helena (Wajzer) Berdowski.


Master of Science, Silesian University, Katowice, Poland, 1969. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Gdansk University, Poland, 1977. Doctor of Science in Physics, Poznan University, Poland, 1988.

Doctor honaris cousa, University Yalta, Ukraine, 2006. Doctor honaris cousa, Slav. University, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007.

Doctor honaris cousa, Khemon State University, Ukraine, 2007.


Assistant Silesian Technology University, Gliwice, Poland, 1969-1977, tutor, 1977-1989, assistant professor, 1989-1991. Associate professor Czestochowa (Poland) University, since 1991. Assistant professor Polish Academy of Sciences, Gliwice, Poland, since 1994.

Head of ultrasonic transd. research and design group Milltronics, Peterborough, Canada, 1989-1990. Member science councils Institute Coal Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, since 1994. Head of ultrasonic investigation of coal materials department Polish Academy of Sciences, Gliwice, since 1996.

Head solid state physics department Czestochowa U, since 1997, visiting professor W-R Technology University, Aachen, Germany, 1993, 97, 99, 2001, 2002, Lviv (Ukraine) State University, 1995, 97, 2000, Institute Materials Science and Production Enterprise "Carat", Lviv, Ukraine, 1997, 2000, Technology University, Kinshasa, Kongo, 2000, Sympheropol National University, Ukraine, 2000, 2003, University Angers, France, 2001, 02, 05, University Reims, France, 2006. Prorector for science and research Czestochowa University, 1996-2002. Rector Czestochowa University, since 2002.


  • Other Work

    • Author: (book) Influence of Isotope Effects and Phase Transitions on the Interactions of Light and Surface Acoustic Waves in Antiferroelectric Crystals, 1987 (award Minister National Education 1989), Discoverer: Crystal Growth and Solid State Material Products and Research, 1977-1979 (awards Minister of Science, 1978, President Polish Academy of Sciences, 1979), Ultrasonics, 1991 (award Rector of Silesian Technology University 1991).


Member Establishment Commission of Solidarity, Silesian Technology University, Gliwice, Poland, 1980-1990, vice president Czestochowa University, 1994-1995. Member Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Lasers Electro-Optics Society of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, European Acoustics Association Paris, Polish Acoustical Society (secretary Silesian division), Polish Physical Society.


  • Other Interests

    Avocations: tourism, music.


Married Ewa Danuta Koziol, May 31, 1969. Children: Agnieszka, Sylwia.

Ferdynand Berdowski

Helena (Wajzer) Berdowski

Ewa Danuta Koziol

Sylwia Berdowski

Agnieszka Berdowski