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Jari Juhani Palomäki Edit Profile

educator , Librarian , Philosopher

Jari Juhani Palomäki, Finnish philosopher, librarian, educator. Grantee NorFA, 1993, Finnish Cultural Foundation, 1999-2001. Member Philosophical Society Finland, Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.


Palomäki, Jari Juhani was born on May 24, 1961 in Turku, Finland. Son of Valto Uolevi Harju and Anja Inkeri (Nieminen) Palomäki.


Master of Science, University Turku, 1989. Licence in Philosophical, University Tampere, Finland, 1994. Doctor of Philosophy, University Tampere, Finland, 1994.

Library. degree, University Tampere, 1994. Docent in Theoretical Philosophical, University Tampere, 1996. Docent in Theoretical Philosophical, Tampere University of Technology, 2003.


Library. assistant Turku City Library., 1981—2001. Assistant research professor Technology University Denmark, Lyngby, 1997. Senior lecturer Massey University, New Zealand, 2002—2003.

Senior researcher Tampere University of Technology, 2002, since 2004, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Lublin, Poland, 2008. Teacher University Tampere, Turku, Tampere University of Technology, Denmark, Turku School of Economics, since 1986. Researcher University Tampere, since 1990.

Visiting researcher Technology University Denmark, Lyngby, 1994, Academy of Sciences Czech Republic, Prague, 1994-2001, National Research Council, Pisa, 1999, University Toulouse, France, 2004, invited professor, University Toulouse, 2006.


  • Other Work

    • Author: From Concepts to Concept Theory, 1994. Co-editor: On the Formal Representation of Knowledge (in Finnish), 1997, Raili Kauppi's Writings 2: Library, Culture, Education (in Finnish), 2000, Between Words and Worlds, 2000, Raili Kauppi's Writings 3. 1: Philosophy-Coincidentia Oppositorum (in Finnish), 2001, Raili Kauppi's Writings 3.

      2: Philosophy-Coincidentia Oppositorum (in Finnish), 2002.


Member Philosophical Society Finland, Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society.


  • Other Interests

    Avocation: art E-mail: fijapa@uta.fi.


Married Christina Karlia, July 27, 2002. 1 child Margit.

Valto Uolevi Harju Palomäki

Anja Inkeri (Nieminen) Palomäki

Christina Karlia

Margit Palomäki