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Jarmo Johannes WAHLSTROM

Member of the Eduskunta

Jarmo Johannes WAHLSTROM, Member of the Eduskunta.


WAHLSTROM, Jarmo Johannes was born on December 2, 1938 in Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland.


Councillor, Vaasa, since 1969. Member, Vaasa City Board, 1970-1972. Chairman, Central Committee, Finnish Communist Party, since 1975.

Member of the Eduskunta, since 1987. Chairman, Finnish Communist Party, 90. Member. Foreign Affairs Committee, Eduskunta.

Member, Finnish Delegation, Nordic Council. Messenger, junior doorman and surveying assistant, 1954-1958. Storeroom keeper and sales clerk, SOK and Terâs Oy, 1959-1962.

Primary and comprehensive school teacher, 1964-1975 and 1983-1987.


Spouse Eva Johanna Wahlström (née Kakkuri), 1959.