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Jean-Pierre SOISSON

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Jean-Pierre SOISSON, French Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.


SOISSON, Jean-Pierre was born on November 9, 1934 in Auxerre (Yonne), France.


National Adminsitration School, 1959-1961. Listener at Court of Counting, 1961.


Technical councillor, General Secretary of Merchant Navy, 1964-1965. Technical councillor, Secretary of Slate for Information, then Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs, 1966-1967. Technical councillor, Minister of Agriculture, 1967-1968.

Referential councillor at Court of Counting, since 1968. Independent Deputy, Yonne, 78. Vice General Secretary of National Federation of Indpendant Republicans, 1969 and Vice-President, 1975.

General councillor, district Auxerre south-west, 1970-1976 and 1982. Mayor of Auxerre, since 1971. Pres, of helping fund for local activities, 1973-1974.

Former President Parliamentary Group for rural housing. Secretary of State for Universities, 1974-1976. Secretary of State for Vocational Training 1976.

Secretary of State for Minister of Quality of Life, then Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, 1976-1977. General Secretary of Republican Party, 1977-1978. Minister of Youth, Sports and Hobbies, 1978-1981.

Deputy for Yonne, since 1981. First vice-pres. of Yonne general council, since 1982. Vice-pres. regional council of Bourgogne, since 1983.

Pres, of Committee for coordination of regional programmes for professional learning and vocational training, 1985. Pres, committee for controlling deposits and return money funds, 1986. Minister of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training, 1988.

Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, since 1992. Conference leader, institute of political studies, Paris, 1962-1968.


  • Le Piège, 1973. La Victoire sur l’hiver, 1978. L’enjeu de la vie professionelle, 1986.