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Jean Alice JENKINS


Jean Alice JENKINS, Australian Senator.


JENKINS, Jean Alice was born on March 16, 1938 in Bristol, United Kingdom.


Reading University, United Kingdom. Bachelor of Arts (Honours).


Australian Democrats State Spokesperson (WA) on Education, 1981-1983 and on Ethnic Affairs, 1983-1986. Convenor, Australian Democrats Stirling Branch, 1983-1985. Australian Democrats State Ombudsman (WA), 1986-1987.

Elected to Senate for Western Australia, since 1987. Committee Service: Member of the Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committee for Community Affairs, since 1987. Member of the Joint Select Committee for Video Material, since 1987.

Spokesperson for Australian Democrats on Immigration, Local Government, Ethnic Affairs, Arts, Sport, Tourism and Territories, since 1987. Professional career: language teacher, Italy and England. Language examiner, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Technical and further education (TAFE) lecturer. Senior lecturer in Modem Languages and Interpreting/Translating. Head, Dept, of English, Languages and Social Studies, Perth Technical College, Western Australia.