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Member of the Folketing

Jens THOFT, Danish Member of the Folketing. The Rose of Peace, War Resisters Danish League, 1987.


THOFT, Jens was born in 1945 in Esbjerg, Denmark. Parents: Tage Lund Ibsen Thoft and Birgitte Vollertzen.


Commercial College, Aarhus, 1970. H.D., Public Accountant. Spoken languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English.


Member of Folketing, since 1984. Editor of several Journals regarding peace, 1970-1989. Member of the exective committee of Socialist Party, 1980-1984.

Member of the executive committee for War Resisters Danish League, 1968-1972. Member, Council of Europe, since 1990. Owner of auditing company, since 1968.


  • Ikkevold, GMT, 1974. Slumstormerbevaegelsen, published by own Publishing Firm, 1975. Ikkevoldelig Konfliktadfaerd, published by own Publishing Firm, 1976.

    Kamp uden Void, Never War Again Publishing, 1976. Socialistisk Forsvarsdebat, Aarhus Against North Atlantic Treaty Organization Committee, 1979. Oprustning, Omrustning, Nedrustning, Fred. SP-Forlag, 1984.


Clubs: several organisations working for peace worldwide, 1961-1989.


Spouse Pernille Thoft (née Hansen), 1992. Children: Lone.