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Jeremy Kay Edit Profile

also known as Hughbridge Dowpreeth, J. Hieronymous

Producer , writer , Art director

Jeremy Kay is an American production designer, art director and writer, who lives and works in Santa Monica, California.


Jeremy Kay was born on July 26, 1942, in Steubenville, Ohio, United States. He is the son ot Henry and Louise Saxon (Milosevich) Kuligowski-Kleszczewska.


Kay graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1961. He also received his Master of Fine Arts degree from San Fernando Valley State College (now California State University) in Northridge.


Jeremy Kay began his career as a commercial illustrator/muralist at the age of 16, and after graduation, became a playwright and novelist.

In 1960s, Kay started working in Hollywood, where he was a TV art director, and for the next 6 years was a writer and art director for CBS & ABC Networks. Over the next decade Jeremy directed, designed and produced TV commercials and movie features.

During late 1970s, Kay worked as the Motion Picture production designer. In 1980 Jeremy accepted a position as a professor of Art History and Motion Picture Techniques at the University of Southern California. During this time he also wrote and directed TV animation and Network/Syndicated TV shows and commercials, as well as music videos.

In 1990s, Jeremy Kay became a director/curator for The American Museum of Cartoon Art and the 20th Century Pop Graphic Archives, both California non-profit educational corporations.

Since 2000s, Jeremy continues to write new books and novels, maintains various web sites and manages Aqua-Lion Cinema Productions where he seeks Limited Partners with Venture Capital to produce a new series of exciting and unique books, movies, TV and Internet/Media projects.


  • As a production designer, Kay created the original Harley Davidson Motorcycle chopper designs (with Hell’s Angels), and designed the Bikers’ (Fonda & Hopper) classic costumes for the movie Easy Rider (1969).

    Jeremy conceived & designed the original “Wizard of Oz” storyline concept and the space-Oz like character, which included the innovative design for a clever R2D2 Robot Dog (RD) character named “ToTo” (or two-two, 2+2) = R2D2 who “bark talked.” Jeremy’s R2D2, Robot Dog was replaced by a vacuum cleaner.

    Since 1976, as an author, Jeremy Kay wrote more than 15 books, including Hollywood Handbook, It’s Fun to Be a Polak, Carlyle and others. He is also known as the author of The Secret Laboratory Journals of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Overlook Press (New York City). Some writings appear under the pseudonyms Hughbridge Dowpreeth and J. Hieronymous.


Quotations: “I am motivated to create unique products and publications that have never been seen before, especially illustrated ones.”


Kay is a member of Writers Guild of America West and Directors Guild of America.


  • Other Interests

    Movies, cartoon art, history


Kay was married 3 times: his first marriage was with Denise Bouter, second one was with Elinda Johnson, and third time, he married Cheyanne A., with whom he has 2 children: Jaeson and Freda Dusnic.

Henry Kay - jeweler

Louise Saxon (Milosevich) Kuligowski-Kleszczewska

first wife:
Denise Bouter

second wife:
Elinda Johnson

third wife:
Cheyanne A.

Jaeson Kay

Freda Dusnic