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Jerome Clarke Hunsaker

aeronautical engineer.

Jerome Clarke Hunsaker, American aeronautical engineer. Awarded Navy Cross, Medal for Merit (United States); Legion on Honor (France); Daniel Guggenheim medal, Franklin medal; Wright Brothers medal; Godfrey L. Cabot Trophy, 1950; Langley Medal, 1955; Gold Medal of Royal Aeronautical Society (Great Britain), 1957; Navy award for distinguished public service, 1958.


Hunsaker, Jerome Clarke was born on August 26, 1886 in Creston, Iowa, United States. Son of Walter J. and Alma (Clarke) Hunsaker.


Graduated from the United States Naval Academy, 1908. Master of Science, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1912, Doctor of Science, 1916. Doctor of Science, Williams College, 1943, Adelphi College, 1955.

Doctor of Engineerng, Northeastern University, 1945.


Officer, later advancing to commander, Construction Corps, United States Navy, 1909-1926. Instructor of aeronautic engneering, Massachusetts Institute Technology, 1912-1916. In charge aircraft design, Navy Department, Washington, District of Columbia designed airship Shenandoah, and flying boat NC4, (1st to fly Atlantic), 1916-1923.

Assistant naval attache, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome. 1923-1926; assistant vice president Bell Telephone Laboratories (wire and radio services for airways), 1926-1928. Vice president Goodyear-Zeppelin Corporation, 1928-1933.

Head departments aero. engineering and mechanic engineerng Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933-1951, then professor emeritus.


  • Contributor to journals of professional societies.


Member of Guggenheim Medal Board, Sperry Medal Board Regent Smithsonian Institution Captain, United States Navy Reserve (retired) Chairman National Advisory Committee aeronautics, 1941-1956. Fellow American Physical Society, American Academy Arts and Sciences. Member American Society Mech.

Engineers, Institute of Mech. Engineers (London); member American Society Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, American Society Automotive Engineers, National Academy of Sciences, American Philosophical Society, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Xi. Clubs: Century (New York City).


Married Alice Porter Avery, June 26, 1911 (deceased 1966). Children: Mistress.

Walter J. Hunsaker

Alma (Clarke) Hunsaker

Alice Porter Avery

Mrs Hunsaker