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educator , writer

Jesse Hilton Stuart, American author. Recipient Jeanette Sewal Davis Poetry prize, 1934; 5000 prize Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1941; 5000 prize Academy American Poets, 1961; Guggenheim fellow for European travel, 1937. Member group to revise Kentucky State Construction, chairman health, welfare and education committee; Served as apprentice seaman United States Navy, 1944; Member Poetry Society American.


Stuart, Jesse Hilton was born on August 8, 1907 in W-Hollow, near Riverton, Kentucky, United States. Son of Mitchell and Martha (Hilton) Stuart.


Student, Vanderbilt University, 1931-1932, Peabody College. Graduate College Edn.


Teacher School, lecturer Colleges Universities, 1940-1984, superintendent city schools, Greenup, Kentucky, 1941-1943. Visiting lecturer, professor American U., Cairo, 1960-1961. Teacher Graduate College Education, U. Nevada, summer 1958.

Writer in residence Eastern Kentucky U., 1965-1969. Director creative writing workshops Murray State University, summers 1969-1972, 75-76. Specialist Department State, United States Information Service, 1962-1963.

American representative Asian Writers’ Conference, 1962.


  • Other Work

    • Author short stories, poetry, articles. Author: poems Man With a Bull-Tongue Plow, 1934, Head O’ W-Hollow. Stories, 1936, Beyond Dark Hills.Autobiography, 1938, Trees of Heaven. Novel, 1940, Men of the Mountains. Stories, 1941, Taps for Private Tussie (Thomas Jefferson Southern Award $2500, Book-of-the-Month 1943), Mongrel Mettle (autobiography of a dog), 1944, Album of Destiny.Poems, 1944, Foretaste of Glory. Novel, 1946, Tales From the Plum Grove Hills. Stories, 1946, The Thread That Runs So True, 1949 (National Education Association selection as best book 1949), Hie to the Hunters, 1950, Clearing in the Sky, 1950, Kentucky Is My Land.Poems, 1952, The Good Spirit of Laurel Ridge, 1953, The Beatinest Boy, 1953, A Penny’s Worth of Character, 1954, Red Mule. Juvenile, 1954, The Year of My Rebirth, 1956, Plowshare in Heaven. Collection short stories, 1958, The Rightful Owner, 1960, God’s Oddling, 1960, Andy Finds A Way, 1961, Hold April, 1962, A Jesse Stuart Reader, 1963, Save Every Lamb, 1964, Daughter of the Legend.Novel, 1965, My Land Has A Voice, 1966, Ride with Huey the Engineer. Junior book, 1966, Mr. Gallion’s School, 1967, Come Gentle Spring.Story collection, 1969, To Teach to Love, 1969, Old Ben, 1970, Come Back to the Farm. Non-fiction, 1971, Come to My Tomorrow Land, 1971, Dawn of Remembered Spring, 1972, The Land Beyond The River. Novel, 1973, Thirty-Two Votes Before Breakfast, 1974, My World, 1975, The World of Jesse Stuart: Selected Poems, 1975, The Seasons: Autobiography in Verse, 1976, Dandelion On The Acropolis, 1978, The Kingdom Within, 1979, Lost Sandstones and Lonely Skies Essays, 1979, If I Were Seventeen Again, 1980.Author of: short stories in anthologies Best Short Stories, O. Henry Memorial Collection. Co-editor: textbook Outlooks Through Literature. Contributor to: others.


People need not just to accept but also to grow in relationship with God. God's grace and love constantly prompts and seeks to transform us, and so we should continually seek and pray to grow in holiness and love.


There is a large range of issues where Church should interact with politics in such areas as poverty and inequality, environmental issues, nuclear and chemical weapons and the harm caused by use of drugs and drinking.


All Christians should study Old and New Testament, which texts were written and gathered together over a long period of time. It is important to find out as much as we can about the original contexts in which texts were produced.


Member group to revise Kentucky State Construction, chairman health, welfare and education committee. Served as apprentice seaman United States Navy, 1944. Member Poetry Society American.


Married Naomi Deane Norris, October 14, 1939. 1 child, Jessica Jane (Mistress.

Mitchell Stuart

Martha (Hilton) Stuart

Naomi Deane Norris

Jessica Jane (Mrs Stuart