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John CAMPBELL Edit Profile

Judge , State Supreme Court

John CAMPBELL, Judge, State Supreme Court. Clubs: Denver Country (hon.), El Paso of Colorado Springs, Colo, (hon.).


CAMPBELL, John Son of James Madison and Nancy (Davis) Campbell


State University of la., A. B., 1877; State TJ. of la. Law School, Bachelor of Laws, 1879; Doctor of Laws, later


City, la. Elected Representative, Colorado Legislature from El Paso Co., 1885; elected State Senator, from El Paso Co., 1887-1891; elected Judge, District Court, Colorado, 1888-1894; elected Judge, Supreme Court, Colorado, 1894- 1903; re-elected, 1903-1912; apptd. Commissioner, Denver Public Library, 1913; reapptd. twice since; apptd. Judge, Colorado Supreme Court, 1912; elected same, 1912; re-elected, 1927-1937. Served, Trustee, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 40 yrs.; now Trustee Emeritus; served, lecturer, prof., dean, Law School, TJ. of Colorado; now Dean Emeritus, same


spouse Harriet Jane Parker, June 28, 1881, la.