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John Dugard Edit Profile

judge , Lawyer

John Dugard is a South African professor of international law.


1956- BA University of Stellenbosch

1858- LLB University of Stellenbosch

1965- LLB Contab (University of Cambridge)

1965-Diploma of International Law-Cantab

1980- LLD Cantab

1990- LLD(University of Natal)

1996- LLD University of Cape Town

2003- LLD Nelson Mandela Metropolia University

2004- LLD University of the Witwatersland

2004- LLD University of Pretoria


Dugard has served as Judge ad hoc on the International Court of Justice and as a Special Rapporteur for both the former United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the International Law Commission. His main academic specializations are in Roman-Dutch law, public international law, jurisprudence, human rights, criminal procedure and international criminal law. He has written extensively on South African apartheid.


  • book

    • The South West Africa/Namibia dispute University of California Press (1973) Introduction to criminal procedure Juta and Co Ltd (1977)

    • Introduction to criminal procedure Juta and Co Ltd (1977)