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John Philip Jacob Elkann Edit Profile

chairman of fiat and the chairman and chief executive officer of exor

John Philip Jacob Elkann is an Italian industrialist. He was the chosen heir of Gianni Agnelli (grandfather), and controls the family's automaker Fiat and in July 2011 acquired control of Chrysler. He is the Chairman of Fiat and the Chairman and CEO of Exor.


John Elkann is the first son of Alain Elkann, a journalist and writer of French and Italian Jewish background, and his then wife Italian Countess Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen, a painter and poet from the Agnelli family.

His parents divorced in 1981. Elkann's maternal grandparents were the Italian princess and socialite Marella Agnelli (born Donna Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto) and the industrialist Gianni Agnelli. His paternal great-uncle was the banker Ettore Ovazza.


Elkann attended primary school in the UK and in Brazil, before his family moved to Paris.

As a result of John's international upbringing, he is fluent in four languages


In 2003- joined IFIL (now Exor) and worked on the turnaround of Fiat Group.

After the deaths of his grandfather Gianni Agnelli (2003) and his great-uncle Umberto Agnelli (2004), Elkann became Vice Chairman of Fiat and Vice Chairman of Giovanni Agnelli & C, the family partnership through which it controls EXOR.

He is also Chairman of Editrice La Stampa, a board member of Fiat Industrial, SGS, The Economist Group and Banca Leonardo.

In 2010, he became Chairman of Fiat S.p.A., succeeding Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, and Chairman of the Giovanni Agnelli e C. Sapaz, succeeding Gianluigi Gabetti.

In February 2011, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of EXOR.


Quotations: "Artists have a sensibility that others don't have. They have a way of reading into the future."


  • Italian Aspen Institute and the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation , Italy

  • Brookings Institution

  • Italy-China Foundation.

  • Museum of Modern Art


1-st wife:
Lavinia Borromeo - Italian - countess

Their first child, a boy named Leone (Italian for "lion"), was born in August 2006. On 12 November 2007, Mrs. Elkann gave birth to the couple's second boy, Oceano (Italian for "ocean"). Their third child, a girl named Vita (Italian for "life") was born on 23 January 2012

Giovanni Agnelli

better known as Gianni Agnelli was an Italian industrialist and principal shareholder of Fiat. As the head of Fiat, he controlled 4.4% of Italy's GDP, 3.1% of its industrial workforce, and 16.5% of its industrial investment in research. He was the richest man in modern Italian history.

Agnelli was awarded the decoration Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 1967 and the title Knight of Labour (Cavaliere del lavoro) in 1977.Following his death in 2003, control of the firm was gradually passed to his grandson and chosen heir, John Elkann.