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John Bel Edwards Edit Profile

State legislator

John Bel Edwards, American state legislator.


Edwards, John Bel was born on April 18, 1979 in New Orleans.


Bachelor of Science in Engineering, United States Military Academy, 1988. Juris Doctor, Louisiana State University Law School, 1999.


Attorney; member District 72 Louisiana House of Representatives, since 2008, member civil law and procedure committee, education committee, judiciary committee, house committee on homeland security, joint committee on homeland security, chair special committee on military and veterans affairs committee.


Salvation is not based on an individual's fulfillment of God’s commands, but rather on Christ's fulfillment of them and of being united with him through faith.


Christians exercising their rights as responsible citizens may choose to endorse candidates for political office as part of the exercise of their engagement of culture.


The supportive small group inside the Church is the most powerful tool for people to feel that they belong and to learn and grow.