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John Edward Rogers

medical engineering consultant

John Edward Rogers, American medical engineering consultant. Recipient Performance award North America Aviation, 1955, 57; Eminent Engineer award Tau Beta Pi, 1976.


Rogers, John Edward was born on December 9, 1926 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Son of John E. and Bessie M. Rogers.


Bachelor of Science equivalent, Institute Electrical Engineers, England, 1952. Master of Science, West Coast University, 1959. Doctor of Philosophy, Century University, 1985.


Electrician, Electric Construction Company, New Zealand, 1943-1949. Engineer State Hydro Electric Company, New Zealand, 1949-1951, Tasman Empire Airways, New Zealand, 1952-1953. Research engineer North America Aviation, Los Angeles, 1953-1957, research specialist, 1957-1962, chief engineering, 1962-1966.

President Scimedics, Inc., Los Angeles, 1966-1969, Science Devels., Inc., Los Angeles, 1966-1967. Research consultant Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Downey, California, 1969-1976, associate director tissue trauma research, 1974-1976, project director Fracture/Amputee Center, 1969-1974. President Talley Medical & Industrial Equipment, Inc., 1975-1976, Contemporary Products Inc., 1980-1987.

Consultant to hospitals and industry Rogers & Associates, Anaheim, California, 1970-1982. Medical engineering consultant to physicians, patients, hospital staff, insurance companies, rys., office equipment manufacturers, also others, since 1965.


  • Contributor articles on biomedical engineering and education to professional journals. Patentee in field

  • introduced original concepts for handicapped care. Developed new medical care techniques for patient seating and positioning used throughout world.


Married Margaret Rogers. Children: Janice, Mark.

John E.

Bessie M. Rogers

Margaret Rogers

Janice Rogers

Mark Rogers