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John Francis CONNOR Edit Profile

Commander United States Navy

John Francis CONNOR, Commander United States Navy.


CONNOR, John Francis was born on April 28, 1882 in Hamilton, Ohio, United States.


Elementary and High Schools, Hamilton, O. United States Naval Academy, 1906. Naval War College, 1922.


Served, United States Ship Kearsarge, 1906-1907, Kentucky, 1907-1909, North Carolina, 1910-1912, Chatta nooga, 1914-1915, Arkansas, 1915-1916, Machias, 1916-1917. Charge, Navy Recruiting and Hydrographic Offices, Buffalo, New York, 1912-1914. Commanding, United States Ship Yankton, Mediterranean Sea.

1917-1918, served United States Mine Base, Inverness, Scotland, 1918, United States Ship Roanoke, 1918-1919, commanding Rowan, 1919, Delphy, 1919, Murray, 1919-1920, Reserve Destroyers, Philadelphia, 1921. Served, 4th Naval District, Philadelphia, 1922-1923. Command, United States Ship Thompson and 32nd Destroyer Division, 1923-1925, United States Ship Sapelo, 1928-1930.

Served, 11th Naval District, San Diego, California, 1925-1928. Served Headquarters 3rd Naval District, New York, since 1930. Commissioned Ensign, 1908-1911, Lieutenant, Junior Grade, 1911-1912, Lieutenant, 1912-1917, Lieutenant Commander, 1917-1925, Commander, since 1925.


Clubs: Army and Navy (Washington, District of Columbia). Racquet (Philadelphia). New York Yacht.