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John Gordon CRAGG


John Gordon CRAGG, economist in the field of Econometric and Statistical Methods.


CRAGG, John Gordon was born in 1937 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Bachelor of Arts (Philo, and Economics) McGill University, 1958. Bachelor of Arts University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1960. Doctor of Philosophy Princeton University, 1965.


Assistant Professor, University Chicago, 1964-1967;Professor, Association Professor, University British Columbia, 1967-1969. Director Research, Canadian Prices & Incomes Commission, Ottawa, since 1969. Professor of Economics, University British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, since 1979.

Editorial Board, Econometric Corporation Finance.


Showed by Monte Carlo investigation of the small sample properties of simultaneous equations estimators that only weak general rankings were evident and even these depend on exact structure used. Participated in initial application of discrete choice of models and multi-nominal logic model to the issue of financial securities and selection of durable goods. Developed some models for limited dependent variables widening the scope of tobit-type models.

Examined nature of security analysts’ forecasts and their role in security valuation.