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John Kendrick Bangs, American author.


Bangs, John Kendrick was born on May 27, 1862 in Yonkers, New York, United States. Son of Francis N. and Amelia Frances (Bull) Bangs.


Bachelor of Philosophy, Columbia, 1883. Studied law, 1883-1884.


Associate editor Life, 1884-1888. Editor Drawer, 1888-1899, and Literary Notes, July, 1898-December 1899, Harper’s Magazine. Editor of Literature, 1898-1899, Harper’s Weekly, 1898-1900, Metropolitan Magazine, December, 1902-June, 1903, Puck, 1904-1905.

Democratic candidate for mayor Yonkers, 1894, defeated. Vice president Yonkers Board of Education, 1897. President Halsted School, Yonkers, 1896-1904.

Author: Roger Camerden, 1886. Katharine, 1887; The Lorgnette, 1887. Mephistopheles, 1888.

New Waggings of Old Tales, 1888. Tiddledywinks Tales, 1890. The Tiddledywinks Poetry Book, 1890.

In Camp with a Tin Soldier, 1891. Half Hours with Jimmieboy, 1892. Coffee and Repartee, 1893, 1899.

The Water Ghost, 1893. Three Weeks in Politics, 1894. The Idiot, 1895, 1899.

Mr. Bonaparte, of Corsica, 1895. A House Boat on the Styx, 1895. The Bicyclers and Other Farces, 1896.

A Rebellious Heroine, 1896. The Pursuit of the House Boat, 1897. Paste Jewels, 1897; A Prophecy and a Plea, 1897.

The Mantel Piece Minstrels, 1897. Ghosts I Have Met, 1898. Peeps at People, 1898.

The Dreamers, 1898; The Enchanted Type Writer, 1899. Cobwebs from a Library Corner. 1899; The Booming of Acre Hill.

1900; Toppleton’s Client, 1891. The Idiot at Home, 1900. Mr. Munchausen, 1901.

Olympian Nights, 1902. Uncle Sam, Trustee, 1902. Bikey, the Skicycle, 1902.

Over the Plum Pudding, 1902. Emblemland, 1902; Mollie and the Unwise Man, 1902. Proposal Under Difficulties (farce), 1905.

Worsted Man (musical play), 1905. Mistress Raffles, 1905. R. Holmes & Company, 1906.

Alice in Municipaland. 1907; The Inventions of the Idiot, 1907. Potted Fiction, 1908.

Andiron Tales, 1908; The Genial Idiot, 1908. Autobiography of Methuselah, 1909. The Real Thing, 1909.

Mollie and the Unwise Man Abroad, 1910. Songs of Cheer, 1910. Jack and the Check-Book, 1911.

Echoes of Cheer, 1912. Little Book of Christmas, 1912. Line o’ Cheer for Each Day o’ the Year, 1913.

The Foothills of Parnassus, 1914. A Quest for Song, 1915. From Pillar to Post, 1916.

Half-Hours with the Idiot, 1917. The Cheery Way, 1919. Also Lady Teazle, a musical comedy version of The School for Scandal, and Tomorrowland, a musical fantasy.

Home: Ogunquit, Me.


Married Agnes Lawson Hyde, March 3, 1886. Married second, Mary Blakeney Gray, April.

Francis N. Bangs

Amelia Frances (Bull) Bangs

Agnes Lawson Hyde

Mary Blakeney Gray