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John L. DAVIES Edit Profile

City Attorney

John L. DAVIES, American City Attorney. Member of Descendants of Signers of Declaration of Independence; Scabbard and Blade; Chi Beta Phi; American Legion.


DAVIES, John L. was born on September 29, 1868 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Son of Lodwick D. and Ann (Jones) Davies.


Ohio State University University, Bachelor of Laws, 1894.


B. June 3, 1881, Fort Mackinac, Michigan: s. General O. L. and M. S. (Bowers) Davis. Education Lawrenceville, New Jersey, 1901.

Princeton, New Jersey, 1905. Command and General Staff Infantry School. 1924; Army War College, 1925.

Married Mary E. Galbraith, November 23, 1910, Washington, District of Columbia Second Lieutenant, Infantry, 1902. First Lieutenant, Infantry, 1908. Captain, 1916; Major (temporary) 1917.

Lieutenant Colonel, (temporary) 1918. Honorably discharged 1920. Major, Infantry, 1920.

Lieutenant Colonel, 1926. Detailed in Quartermaster Corps, 1917-1918 in charge of construction and repair work in Southern Department, San Antonio, Texas. On General Staff Corps Eligible List.

Active service Bud Dajo, Philippine Islands, 1906, World War and Mexico Border.


Member of Descendants of Signers of Declaration of Independence. Scabbard and Blade; Chi Beta Phi. American Legion. Clubs: Lions, Cedar Rapids Country.


Spouse Pearl S. I Longnecker, Toledo, O., July 8, 1908.