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John Peabody Moore

electrical engineer

John Peabody Moore, American electrical engineer. Mason (32°, Shriner).


Moore, John Peabody was born on November 6, 1879 in Columbus, Georgia, United States. Son of Montague Montgomery and Sarah Elizabeth (Peabody) Moore.


Education high school, Columbus, and Alabama Polytechnic Institute.


With General Electric Company, Schenectady, New York, 1898-1904. National Railway Construction Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1905-1908. Instructor electrical railway engring, Pennsylvania State College, 1909-1910.

Electrical engineer Wyandotte Construction Company, Kansas City, Missoury, 1911-1913. Engineering department Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company, 1914-1915. Senior electrical engineer Interstate Commerce Commission, bureau of Valuation, Washington, 1916-1921.

Appraisal engineer United States Treasurer Department, Washington, District of Columbia, 1922-1923. Electrical and appraisal engineer, 1924-1926.


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Mason (32°, Shriner).


Married Nellie Gertrude Williams of Indianapolis, Indiana, October 28, 1908.

Montague Montgomery Moore

Sarah Elizabeth (Peabody) Moore

Nellie Gertrude Williams of Indianapolis