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John Robert Moore Edit Profile

Aerospace and electronics executive

John Robert Moore, American Aerospace and electronics executive. Registered profile engineer, California. Recipient Outstanding Engineering Graduate award Washington University, 1960, Exceptional Alumni citation Washington University, 1964, Outstanding Achievement award American Institute Industrial Engineers, 1967.


Moore, John Robert was born on July 5, 1916 in St. Louis. Son of Louis Daniel and Flora Nina (Megown) Moore.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, 1937; postgraduate advanced course engineering, General Electric Company, 1937-1940; postgraduate executive management program, University of California at Los Angeles, 1956-1957.


Various positions computers, armament controls, missile guidance, General Electric Company, 1937-1946; director dynamical control laboratory, associate professor mechanics, Washington University, 1946-1948; with, North America Aviation, Inc., 1948-1967; vice-president and general manager autonetics division, North America Aviation, Inc., 1955-1960; president autonetics division, North America Aviation, Inc., 1960-1966; executive vice president, North America Aviation, Inc., 1966-1967; also board directors, North America Aviation, Inc. president aerospace and systems group, North America Rockwell Corporation, 1967-1970; corporation vice president aerospace activities, North America Rockwell Corporation, 1970; also board directors, North America Rockwell Corporation corporation vice president subsidiary, McDonnell-Douglas Corporation, since 1970; chairman, Hycon Manufacturing Company subsidiary (merged into Actron Industries 1971), after 1970; president, Actron Division, 1971-1978; chairman, Nitron subsidiary, 1972-1976; president, Nitron, 1974; president, John R. Moore Inc., 1978; vice president business development, Electronic Systems Group, Northrop Corporation, 1979-1985; vice president, general manager, Electro-Mech. division Northrop Corporation, since 1985. Visiting associate professor engineering University of California at Los Angeles, 1949-1956. Past member science advisory board, member space technical panel, member guidance and control panel United States Air Force.

Consultant research and engineering, advisory panel on electronics Office Assistant Secretary Defense;member Army Science Board.


  • Registered profile engineer, California.


Fellow National Academy Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Member Air Force Association, Navy League, American Electronics Association (notable contributions medal in technical, business leadership, education and distinguished service to his country 1969), Association United States Army, University of California at Los Angeles Executive Program Association, National Academy Engineering.


Married Miriam Louise Mohr, February 11, 1941 (divorced September 1971). Children: James Richard, Karin Elaine;m. Alice Wallace, September 4, 1971.

Louis Daniel Moore

Flora Nina (Megown) Moore

Miriam Louise Mohr

Karin Elaine;m. Alice Wallace Moore

September 4 Moore

1971 Moore

James Richard Moore