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John Stone Stone

electrical engineer.

John Stone Stone, American electrical engineer. Awarded Edward Longstreth Medal for paper on “The Practical Aspects of the Propagation of High Frequency Waves Along Wires,” by the Franklin Institute, 1913; medal of honor of Institute of Radio Engineers “for distinguished service in radio communication,” 1923. Associate Engineer at large department of development and research of America Tel. & Tel. Company, 1920-1935.


Stone, John Stone was born on September 24, 1869 in Dover, Virginia, United States. Son of General Charles Pomeroy and Jeannie (Stone) Stone.


Educated Columbia Grammar School, New York, 1884-1886. School of Mines (Columbia), 1886-1888. Johns Hopkins, 1888-1890.


Experimentalist in laboratory, American Bell Telephone Сompany, 1890-1899. General consulting electrical engineer, 1899-1920. Special lecturer on electrical oscillations, Massachusetts Institute Technology, for a number of years.

Director, vice president, and chief engineer from incorporation, 1902-1908, president and chief engineer June 10, 1908-1910, Stone Telegraph & Telephone Сompany (manufacturing and leasing wireless telegraph apparatus). Has been granted over 135 United States patents for inventions relating to improvements in telephony and telegraphy. Read papers before International Elec.

Congress, St. Louis, in 1904, and Canadian Society Civ. Engineers, Montreal, 1905, before Society Wireless Tel. Engineers, 1908, 09, 10, before Wireless Institute, 1909, before Institute of Radio Engineers, 1914-1915.

Contributor numerous papers on electrical subjects to scientific and technical press.


Fellow American Academy Arts and Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Institute of Radio Engineers (vice president 1913-1914, president 1914-1915, director 1912-1918). Member of advisory committee American Defense Society. Member Franklin Institute, Alpha Delta Phi.

Member American Institute of Elctrical Engineering. Clubs: Army and Navy (Washington).


Married Sibyl Wilbur, November 28, 1918.

General Charles Pomeroy Stone

Jeannie (Stone) Stone

Sibyl Wilbur