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John Wallace Hutchinson Edit Profile

Vocalist , song composer

John Wallace Hutchinson, American vocalist, song composer.


Hutchinson, John Wallace was born in 1821 in Milford, New Hampshire, United States. Son of Jesse and Mary (Leavitt) Hutchinson.


Educational public schools, Milford, N.H.


His parents and their 13 children formed, under name of The Hutchinson Family, a well-known quartet of vocalists, composed of John, Judson, Asa and Abby, in the ’40s sang all over North and West. They were abolitionists, temperance advocates and favored woman suffrage, and sang in behalf of these reforms. Took part in Republican campaigns of 1856 and 1860.

The quartet visited Army of Potomac and were expelled, but were readmitted by personal order of President Lincoln, and were afterwards singers and active nurses in hospital camps. Sang in British Isles, 1845-1846. Visited and were entertained at White House by President John Tyler.

Visited President Lincoln by special request and sang in Green Room, White House, 1862. Mr. Hutchinson has given 11,670 concerts. Sang 62 years; founded American Temperance Union, 1866.

Conducted a farm in Massachusetts. Founded Hutchinson, Kansas, and Hutchinson, Minnesota. Gave site of 10 acres at Hutchinson for Ansgar College.

Author: The Granite Songster, 1848. Story of the Hutchinsons, 1896. Home: Lynn, Mass.


  • Other Work

    • Author: The Granite Songster, 1848. Story of the Hutchinsons, 1896.


Married Fanny B. Patch, 1843 (died 1888).

Jesse Hutchinson

Mary (Leavitt) Hutchinson

Fanny B. Patch