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Jonathan Francis Ringkamp Edit Profile

educator , monk , playwright

Jonathan Ringkamp was a Franciscan brother and a playwright.


Jonathan Ringkamp was born on March 6, 1929 in Brooklyn, in the family of Francis Bernard and Margaret Louise (Mercier) Ringkamp.


Jonathan Ringkamp received Bachelor of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in 1961. Then he earned Master of Fine Arts there Pratt Institute in 1967. He studied at Accademimia di belli arti in Venice, Italy, in 1961-1962.


After entering the Franciscan novitiate in Wyandanch, L.I., in 1955, he took his first vows in 1956 and his final vows in 1961. In 1962 he was a Fulbright scholar to the Academia di Belli Arti in Venice.

Brother Jonathan taught at New York University and Brooklyn College, and last semester he taught writing and play production at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. He taught also at a number of Catholic elementary and high schools in Brooklyn and on Long Island.

In 1967, Brother Jonathan and the actress Geraldine Fitzgerald founded the Everyman Theater of Brooklyn as a street-theater company. For the company, he wrote ''Everyman and Roach,'' a rock opera with an Everyman moral.

Brother Jonathan collaborated in 1976 with the singer Harry Chapin on a musical ''The Zinger''.

''Bella Figura,'' his play about a young Franciscan, was performed at the Ensemble Studio Theater in 1982. His ''Poisoner of the Wells,'' based on the Black Plague, was performed at Ensemble Studio Theater in 1983.


  • His greatest achievement is the founding of the Everyman Theater of Brooklyn with Geraldine Fitzgerald.


  • Other Work

    • Author: play The Dog Ran Away, 1972, Bella Figura, 1980, The Arbor, 1978, MidEast Crisis, 1982. Movie Rappallo and Sons, 1983, Clairvoyant, 1981.


  • Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn

  • Writers Guild

  • New York City Cultural Council


  • “His essential theme is the relationship of the alienated yet passionate individual to his community, to tradition, and ultimately, to God.”


As a monk, he had never been married.

Francis Bernard Ringkamp

Margaret Louise (Mercier) Ringkamp

Richard Ringkamp

Geraldine Fitzgerald
Geraldine Fitzgerald - friend of Jonathan Ringkamp