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Jorma Kalevi HUUHTANEN

Minister of Social Affairs and Health

Jorma Kalevi HUUHTANEN, Finnish Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


HUUHTANEN, Jorma Kalevi was born on November 26, 1945 in Soini, Kuopio, Finland.


Licentiate of Medicine, 1973.


Member, Nilsià Municipal Council, 1980-1983. Member of Parliament, since 1987. Chairman, Kuopio chapter of the Centre Party, since 1989.

Member, Finance Committee. Member. Economic Committee. Chairman, Inter-Parliamentary Union Finnish Group.

Minister of Social Affairs and Health. Chief Medical Officer. Eno Health Centre, 1973-1974.

Chief Medical Officer, Nilsià-Rautavaara Health Centre, since 1975.


Spouse Laila Marjatta Huuhtanen (née Kouri), 1970.