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Jose Antonio Nieto Edit Profile

anthropology and human sexuality educator

Jose Antonio Nieto, Spanish anthropology and human sexuality educator. Fellow United Nations, 1971-1973, Consiglio Italiano, 1981, Commission for Educational Exchange Between United States and Spain, 1986.


Nieto, Jose Antonio was born on March 2, 1942 in Madrid. Son of Fermin and Josefa (Piñeroba) Nieto.


Doctor of Philosophy, New School Social Research, 1976. Doctorate, University Madrid, 1977.


Professor ayudante University Complutense, Madrid, 1970-1971. Researcher State University of New York, Buffalo, 1971-1972, New School Social Research, New York City, 1972-1973, teaching fellow, 1973-1974. Researcher Plan General Ordenacion, Formentera, Spain, 1974-1975.

Adjunct professor University National Education, Madrid, 1976-1987, titular professor, 1987, director master on human sexuality, since 1990. Consultant global Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome program Organization Mondiale Santé/World Health Organization, Geneva, 1987-1991, VII International Conference Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Amsterdam, 1992, Commission European Communities, Cardiff, since 1992.


Ambassador, French Government, 1970-1971. Member American Anthropol. Association, American Ethnological Society, Society for Science Study of Sex, New York Academy of Sciences, International Academy Sex Research, European Association Social Anthropologists.


Fermin Nieto

Josefa (Piñeroba) Nieto