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José Lucien André ROSSI


José Lucien André ROSSI, French Deputy.


ROSSI, José Lucien André was born on June 18, 1944 in Ajaccio, Corse. Parents: Pierre Rossi and Emilie Rossi (née Leca).


Fesch Lycée, Ajaccio. Faculty of law; Doctor in law. Diploma from Institute of Political Studies, Paris.

Diploma in Advanced Studies in Political Sciences.


Attaché. Cabinet of Minister of Work, Employment and Population, 1972. Head ofCabinet of Minister of National Education, 1972-1974. Responsible for relations with the Press, Cabinet of Minister of Health, 1974-1975.

Responsible for relations with Parliament, Cabinet of Minister of Work, 1975-1978. Head of Cabinet (relations with Parliament) of Minister of Education, 1978. Head of, Cabinet of Chairman of the Senate, 1981-1982.

General Councillor, Ajaccio, since 1973. Regional Councillor, la Corse, since 1975. Deputy Mayor, Ajaccio, since 1983.

Chairman, Regional Agency for Tourism and Leisure, La Corse, 1983-1984. Chairman, General Council, La Corse, since 1985. Deputy, Union for French Democracy, La Corse du Sud, since 1988.

Assistant, Faculty of law, Paris.


  • Les Maires de grandes villes en France, 1972.


Spouse Denise Ferri, 1968. Children: Emmanuelle, Fabienne.