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José Manuel Touriñán López Edit Profile

Education educator

José Manuel Touriñán López, Spanish education educator.


López, José Manuel Touriñán was born on October 29, 1951 in A Coruña, Spain. Son of Antonio Touriñán Lousa and Carmen López Marzoa.


Bachelor with honors, School Teacher Education, A Coruña, 1969. Magister, University Complutense, Madrid, 1974. Bachelor in Philosophy and Education with honors, University Complutense, 1974.

Magister in Pedagogy, University Complutense, 1975. Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy with honors, University Complutense, 1978.


Assistant lecturer Complutense University, 1974—1981. Assistant professor University Santiago Compostela, A Coruña, 1981—1988, professor, since 1988, head department systematic pedagogy, 1980—1982, secretary faculty education, 1982—1983, head department theory and history of education, 1986—1988, head research group, since 2002. Science policy referee National Assessment Agency, Madrid, since 2002.

General director universities' management and police research Regional Government Galicia, A Coruña, 1990—1997. Honorary professor Buenos Aires University, 1993. Advisor secretary science and technical Department Government Presidency, Madrid, 1998—1999.

General manager Caixa Galicia Foundation, A Coruña, 1999—2002. Visiting professor Wayne State University, Detroit, 1992, University Buenos Aires, 1993, Beijing University, 1994, University Politécnica Lima, Peru, 1995, Florida International University, 1998, University South Florida, 1998, Miami University, Florida, 1998, Unisource Energy Corporation, 1999, Reikiavick University, 1999. Member editorial board Revista Interuniversitaria Teoría Educación, Revista Bordón, Revista Tecnología y Comunicación Educativas, Revista Aula Abierta, 2003.

Second lieutenant Army (Universitary scale), 1977-1977, Alcazar de Toledo (Madrid - Spain).


  • Achievements include research in total quality in the Murcian universitary system. Research in strategic planning for ICTs improvement in universitary education. Research in an approach to the deployment of new technologies in education.

    Research in interactive systems in pedagogical intervention. Research in values in education (using an educational platform that combines Internet and television.


Creator distance education net, A Coruña, Spain, 1999—2001. Creator board directors Center Supercomputing Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, 1992—1997. Member of European University Continuing Education Network (associate), Society for International Development (associate), Interamerican Distance Education Consortium (associate), American Educational Research Association (associate), National Society Pedagogues (associate).


  • Other Interests

    Swimming, travel, reading, walking.


Married María Teresa Morandeira. Children: María Teresa Touriñán Morandeira, Laura Touriñán Morandeira.

Antonio Touriñán Lousa

Carmen López Marzoa

María Teresa Morandeira

María Teresa Touriñán Morandeira López

Laura Touriñán Morandeira López