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Member of the Bundestag

Josef HOLLERITH, German Member of the Bundestag.


HOLLERITH, Josef was born on March 10, 1955 in Munich.


Studied adult education, 1983 and business studies, Munich, 1983.


Area Chairman, Youth Union, 1975-1977, District Chairman, 1977-1987. Member, Regional Committee, Youth Union, Bavaria, since 1981. Head, Media Work Circle.

Youth Union, Bavaria, since 1987. Youth Union District Chairman and Member, Christian Democratic Union District Committee, Upper Bavaria, since 1983. Member, District Parliament of Ebersburg and District Council of Anzing, since 1978.

Member, District Youth and Welfare Committee, 1978-1990. Municipal Party Whip, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union), Anzing, since 1978. District Chairman, KPV (Kommunalpolitische Vereinigung, Organisation of Communal Politics), since 1989.

Co-founder of a private economics academy, since 1983. Managing Director, Society for Business Advice and the Promotion of Industry, Anzing, since 1986. Chairman, Anzing Sports Associate.

Member, Committee. IHK (Chamber of Trade and Industry), since 1986. Member, Management Council, District Savings Bank, since 1990.