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Member of the Bundesrat

Josef RAUCHENBERGER, Austrian Member of the Bundesrat. 2 Red Cross Service medals.


RAUCHENBERGER, Josef was born on June 8, 1949 in Hall, Tirol.


Trained as confectioner, external, then ordinary student, Journalism and Political Studies, University of Vienna, 1985-1989.


Member, Penal Commission, Vienna regional court, 1986. Member working party of school councils in Vienna, since 1985. Club Secretary, Vienna regional parlt. and municipal council, 1981-1991.

Deputy-regional party Secretary, Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (Socialist Party of Austria), Vienna, since 1991. Replaced retired member of Bundesrat Doctor Peter Kostelka, December 1990. Employee, furniture firm.

Employee, federal party committee, Sozialistische Partei Österreichs (Socialist Party of Austria). Official for city of Vienna.