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Joseph Achron Edit Profile

composer , violinist.

Joseph Achron, Russian composer, violinist. Member American Musicological Society, Pro Musica (Los Angeles), Mailamm (Los Angeles).


Achron, Joseph was born on May 1, 1886 in Lozdzeye, Russia. Son of Julius and Bertha (Mahram) Achron.


Educated private school, Warsaw. Received first violin instruction from his father. Student State Conservatory, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), 1899-1904.

Studied violin with Michalovich, Lotto and Auer. Orchestration with Steinberg.


Came to the United States, 1925, naturalized, 1930. Appeared in first violin concert at age of 8. Later appeared before family of the Czar.

Concert tours, Russia, 1904-1907, and 1910-1922. Head violin and chamber music department, Kharkov Conservatory, 1913-1916. In Russian Army, 1916-1918.

Head violin master class and chamber music department, Leningrad Artists Union, 1918-1922, also gave many concerts during this period. Visited Latvia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, France, 1922-1924. Composer, violinist and teacher, New York City, 1925-1934, Hollywood, California, since 1934.

Has written over 80 compositions and many transcriptions for orchestra, chorus, chamber music, vocal solos, also for stage and motion pictures.


Member American Musicological Society, Pro Musica (Los Angeles), Mailamm (Los Angeles). Clubs: Bohemians (New York City).


Married Marie Rap-hoph, June 2, 1920.

Julius Achron

Bertha (Mahram) Achron

Marie Rap-hoph