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Joseph Sachs

engineer , inventor.

Joseph Sachs, American engineer, inventor. Awarded John Scott Legacy Medal by Franklin Institute for pioneer invention electric fuse protective devices, 1903. Fellow American Institute of Elctrical Engineering; member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Elec. Manufacturers Association; Mason (32°).


Sachs, Joseph was born on August 17, 1870 in New York City. Son of Louis Von and Bertha (Sanger) Sachs.


Student College City of New York (non graduate). Special tutoring and study.


Began with Sprague Elec. Motor Company prior to 1890, later with Edison Machine Works (now General Electric Company), Schenectady, New York. Developed trolleyless electrical railway, nonarcing enclosed fuse, electrical railway appliances, 1892-1894.

Consultant patent expert, also engaged in construction and operation engineering, work and pioneer magnetic ore separating plant, 1892-1898. Developed electric fire alarm signalling system, electrical fire engine system, canal boat haulage, cable and electrical railway signals, electrical type-setting machinery, electric metal heating and melting, 1893-1898, electrical drive and control for motor vehicles, electrically controlled carburetor, electrical primer and other automobile accessories, 1900-1915. Consultant and chief engineer Johns-Pratt Company (later electrical div.

Colts Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company), manufacturers electrical devices, Hartford, Connecticut. President and manager The Sachs Company, Vice-President and manager Sachs Laboratories, Inc. Identified with development, manufacturer and sale of Sachs inventions, including electrical protective devices, enclosed fuses, cutouts, switches, sockets, circuit breakers, enclosed safety switches, meter service switches, meter testing devices, standardized service installations, etc., 1898-1937.

Research and invention, also engineering and development consultant for several manufacturing companies since 1939. Awarded over 250 United States patents.


  • Author: (with Therapeutic Community Martin) Electrical Boats and Navigation, 1894. Contributor articles to technical publications. Lecturer before technical soes.


Fellow American Institute of Elctrical Engineering. Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, National Elec. Manufacturers Association.

Mason (32°).; Clubs: Engineers, Hartford, Get-Together, Hartford Golf, Wampanoag Country, Automobile, Church.


Married Caroline Norman, June 5, 1895. Children: Kelvin N., Margaret N. (Mistress.

Louis Von Sachs

Bertha (Sanger) Sachs

Caroline Norman

Kelvin N. Sachs

Margaret N. (Mrs Sachs