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Joseph Anthony Rybczyk Edit Profile

inventor , physicist , researcher , writer

Joseph Anthony Rybczyk, American physicist, researcher, writer, inventor.


Rybczyk, Joseph Anthony was born on October 19, 1935 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Frank Rybczyk and Isabella Slivak.


Technology diploma, DeVry Institute of Technology, Chicago, 1976.


Various positions Lockheed Martin Tactical Defense Systems, Horsham, Pennsylvania, 1959—1996. Independent researcher in theoretical physics, since 1996. With United States Air Force, 1955-1959.


  • Achievements include research in theory of natural motion. Research in millennium theory of relativity. Research in time and energy.

    Research in the laws of acceleration. Research in time and energy, inertia and gravity. Research in millennium relativity velocity composition.

    Relativistic motion perspective. Research in millenium relativity acceleration composition. Research in integrated relativisitc velocity and acceleration compostion.

    Research in millenium theory of inertia and gravity. Research in the four principal kinetic states of material bodies. Patents for encoding printing device, 1978.

    Patents for man-powered propulsion device, 1986. Research in relativistic transverse doppler effect. Research in the true nature of light propagaflin.

    Research in the nature of super luminal speeds in velocity composition. Research in relationship between E=Mc2 & F=ma. Research in light speed effect.


  • Other Work

    • Author: Millennium Theory of Relativity. Contributor scientific papers to research publications.


Life partner Dolores Brannan. Married Ruth Diane Menendez, December 30, 1955 (divorced). Children: Brian Keith, Deborah Gale, Karen Marie.

Frank Rybczyk

Isabella Slivak

Ruth Diane Menendez

Brian Keith Rybczyk

Deborah Gale Rybczyk

Karen Marie Rybczyk