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Jui-heng Liu (J. Hang Liu)

Director of Health

Jui-heng Liu was a Chinese Director of Health organisations and Minister of Health.


He was born in Tientsin, China in 1891.


Jui-heng Liu attended Peiyang University at Tientsin in 1905-1906. Then he studied at Harvard University from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1909 and a Doctor of Medicine in 1915.


Jui-heng Liu was surgeon at the Red Cross Hospital at Shanghai and associate in surgery at Harvard Medical School of China in 1915-1918, associate professor of surgery at Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 1918-1922, Medical Superintendent of Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 1923-1934, president of National Medical Association of China in 1926-1928, Vice-Minister of Health in 1928-1929.

Mr. Liu worked also as a director of Peking Union Medical College in 1929, Acting Minister of Health in 1929-1930, Minister of Health in 1930, Chairman of National Opium Suppression Commission in 1930-1935, Director of National Health Administration formerly under the Ministry of Interior but then under the Executive Yuan, and of the Central Field Health Station, National Economic Council and Chairman of the Military Medical Supervisory Commission of the Military Council since 1932.