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politician , member of the German Bundestag

Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin is a German politician, representative of the Social Democratic Party and later in life of Alliance '90/The Greens.


OESTERLE-SCHWERIN, Jutta was born on February 25, 1941 in Jerusalem, Israel.


School in Israel; State Academy of Visual Art, Stuttgart. Qualification as interior designer. Spoken languages: German, Hebrew.


Active in the Easter March, Opponents of Nuclear Weapons, since 1962. Member of Association of German Socialist Students, 1962 until its dissolution. Active in the Women’s Movement and Day-Nursery Movement, 1970-1974.

Member of SPD group, municipal council, Ulm, 1975-1980. Member of Die Grime group, municipal council, Ulm, 1984-1987. Spokeswoman of Die Grüne group.

Member of Bundestag, party list of BadenWürttemberg, since 1987. Member of the Lesbians Association (Lesbenring). Political Councillor, since 1991.

Professional career: self-employed interior designer, Ulm, since 1979.


In 1980, (NATO Double-Track Decision), she left German party SPD and became 1983 a member of German party Alliance '90/The Greens. From 1987 to 1990 she was member of German Bundestag for Alliance '90/The Greens.


[Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund]In 1974 Oesterle-Schwerin became a member of Social Democratic Party (SPD).