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K.R. Narayanan Edit Profile

also known as Kocheril Raman Narayanan

president of India

K.R. Narayanan, former president of India. Member Executive Council Children's Book Trust. Fellow liberal studies.E. (honorary).


Narayanan, K.R. was born on October 27, 1920 in Ozhavoor, Kerala. Son of Raman Vaidyan.


Student, Travancore University. Student, London School of Economics University London. Doctor of Science (honorary), 1987.


Lecturer in English literature Travacore University, 1943. With editorial department of Hindu newspaper Madras, 1944-1945. Reporter Times of India, 1945.

London correspondent social welfare Bombay, 1945-1948. With Foreign Service, 1949. Joint director orientation center for foreign technicians Delhi School of Economics, 1954-1955.

Served in Rangoon, Tokyo, London and in ministry external affairs, 1949-1960. Acting high commissioner Australia, 1961-1962. Consul-general Hanoi, 1962-1963.

Director China division Ministry External Affairs, 1963-1967. Ambassador to Thailand, 1967-1969. Joint secretary for policy planning in ministry, 1969-1970.

Jawaharlal Nehru fellow, 1970-1972. Honorary professor Jawaharlal Nerhu University, 1970-1972. Ambassador to Turkey, 1973-1975.

Additional secretary for policy planning division of ministry, 1975-1976. Secretary for the east Ministry External Affairs, 1976. Ambassador to People's Republic of China, 1976-1978.

Ambassador to the United States, 1980-1983. Minister state for planning Government of India, 1984-1985, minister state for external affairs, 1985-1986, minister for atomic energy, space, electronics and ocean development, 1986-1987, minister for science and technical, 1986-1989, vice president, 1992-1997, president, 1997—2002. Visiting professor Delhi University, India, 2002—2005.

Member Indian delegate to United Nations General Assembly, 1979, Lok Sabha for Ottapalath, Kerala, 1984, Indian Council for Social Science Research, New Delhi, Institute of Defence Studies an d Analysis, Indian Association Social Science Institute. Vice president Council Scientific and Industrial Research, 1986. Fellow Jawaharlal Nehru University, 1970-1972, honorary professor, 1970-1971, vice-chancellor, 1979-1980.

Co-chairman Indo-United States Sub-commission on Education and Culture, 1980.


Member Executive Council Children's Book Trust. Fellow liberal studies.E. (honorary).


  • Other Interests

    Literature, philosophy.


Married Usha Ma Tint Tint, 1951. 2 children.

Raman Vaidyan Narayanan

Usha Ma Tint Tint